About Us

Sealserver Network established in 2008 (2006 unofficially) as an IT consultant company providing range of IT services, primarily web, application development and managed hosting.

The company initially setup by offering hosting services from co-locations, dedicated server to shared hosting accounts publicly; to not only Malaysia but also International market with the segregation ratio of 50-50 both respectively ata the time.

Over the time, Sealserver had once served more than 3,000 customers worlwide at a time from various sectors including Small Medium Enterprise (SME) users, enterprises/corporates, government-linked companies (GLC), to even individuals.

By 2012, as the market is changing with the introduction of cloud infrastructures, Sealserver decided to phase out all of physical hosting offering in the market and now focus more on helping SME’s, corporate entities or even individuals by becoming their technology arm to help implement technology into their businesses.

Unlike normal IT companies who runs for money, Sealserver are backed by technology savvy and code enthusiasts with the working experience of designing application that caters millions of users worldwide, who stays updated in the latest trend of the market and technical expertise. The team enjoy working with the intention more to help users adapt technology into their business.

Reach us out if you are looking for ways to improve business by adapting technology, no matter individuals or corporate entities.

Warm regards